Grasshopper files is a space to hear the voices from the grassroot. These aren’t necessarily specialists or experts, but simply those that speak from experience of having been, seen and worked at the ground level. These files are stories of change, of mistakes and of successes, witnessed first hand by those that have the courage of learning from direct experience.

These are the stories that will throw light upon why things don’t work as they should, why government reforms or policies, good intentions and money do not necessarily create the much required transformation. These stories will speak of real issues observed first-hand by the writers by living and witnessing situations and being part of the process of change.

These stories will tell us why things work and more importantly, why things fail.


  • Sinu Joseph – Works on women and child issues, adolescent health and menstruation and solid waste management. You can write to her at sinumails@gmail.com
  • Vikshut Mundkur – Works in the field of off-grid renewable energy. You can write to him at vikshut@gmail.com
  • Ashok Murthy – Lawyer and works for human rights. You can write to him at ashokmurthy2200@gmail.com
  • Vishwas Vidyaranya – Works on Solid Waste Management solutions and is currently undertaking a Masters in Sanitation Engineering in Germany. You can write to him at vishwas.24@gmail.com

Words of J. Krishnamurthi 

Most of us are filled with words, with information which we call knowledge, and without that, we are lost. So, there is fear lurking right behind the screen of words, of information; and this we transform into knowledge as a means of our vocation in life.

There is a difference between being and wanting to be. The desire “to be” continues through knowledge which is used for self-aggrandisement, for power, position, and prestige. So, what is important is for all of us, for you and me as we are maturing, to see all these problems and to go into them, to see that we do not merely respect a person because he has a title, a name, a position. We know very little. We may have plenty of knowledge of books, but very few have direct experience of anything. It is the direct experiencing of reality, of God, that is of vital importance. And for that, there must be love.

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