SWM: Learning from Gujarat and Recommendations for Bangalore

The current garbage crisis in Bangalore is that we are not being allowed to dump in Mandur and we are struggling to find other dumpyards. The currently proposed solution is to segregate at source. There is NO connection between the problem and the offered solution.

Even if there is 100% segregation at source, what do we propose to do with segregated waste? The solution of KCDC (which is no longer an option), can at best handle 200 TPD. We are supposedly generating 60% wet-waste and around 10% yard waste. Therefore, where should 70% of our waste, which is biodegradable, be sent? If we allocate new land for KCDC, what will we do with the city compost which does not meet standards and has little or no market value? Can we sell 1500 – 2000 tons of compost every day? As for dry waste, even if we are doing a great job with recycling, 70% of dry waste by weight is rejected as non-recyclables or soiled/low value plastic and sent to the landfills. What has to happen to that? And what about household Sanitary Waste which is 7-8% of what we generate? What about dead animals and waste from poultry and meat shops? What about construction debris? What about tree trimmings and waste from cleaning drains?

Somewhere, we have totally ignored the fundamentals and are chasing impractical concepts.

Source segregation is one of the ways of handling waste and not a solution in itself. Waste Management is a function of the Urban Local Body (ULB) and there are a number of administrative issues which need to be taken care of. To understand how other ULBs are handling Waste Management, our team did a study tour of Gujarat. The report at the link below covers the lessons from Gujarat and recommendations for Bangalore.

Report of SWM In Gujarat



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